Friday, September 30, 2011

Sermon topics/passages

David Borkert - Topical - Deity of Christ
Ben Rollison - Expository - 2 Timothy 2:22
Ben Schmitz - Topical - Creation
Stephen Schmitz - Topical - Faith
Bo Connell - Expository - 2 Peter 1:5-8
Ian Self - Evangelisitic
Luke Self - Topical
Evan Self - Expository
Austin Self
Jono Parker

Preacher Boys 2011/2012

As mentioned in the post below, this website/blog gives us an opportunity to keep updated and current with our sermons and assignments. It also gives us a chance to encourage and edify eachother. Feel free to ask for advice from myself (Pastor Jono) or others in the class. This can be a good chance for "iron sharpening iron." Let's use this site often, and let's use it wisely!
Looking forward to a great year!
Pastor Jono

Friday, October 31, 2008

Select your sermon type and git goin'!

Hello fellas!
This is the first posting of our new preacher-boys blog-site. You can get dates, information, instructions and access your sermon file right off this site. To access your sermon, we need you to e-mail me or Pastor Troy the latest version and then we can begin working off of it from GoogleDocs.

You can click on your name to be redirected to GoogleDocs, where you can work on your a precaution/backup: remember to copy/paste it into a Word doc and e-mail back to any of the preacher-boys' staff; and always remember to save your work on GoogleDocs before you exit.
Send Word doc sermons to the staff by using the e-mail icon on the bottom of the post.

God bless you as you labor in the word and doctrine!

Pastor Scott, Pastor Jono, Pastor Troy & Jerome Self
your servants in sermon preparation for 2008-2009